Replacement Sensor-enabled RDSA


Replacement Rubber Disk and Stem Assembly which is compatible with the IVM6000 Intelligent Valve Monitor. Useful for replacing a damaged RDSA within an existing 6000 series indexing valve installation.

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This part is included in regular orders for the IVM6000-LP.

The RDSA (Rubber Stem and Disk Assembly) replaces the standard one that comes with a compatible 6000 series indexing valve manufactured or sold by KRain, Zoeller, Orenco, American Manufacturing, Quanics and others.  It contains the magnetic signal array required to allow the IVM to sense the disk position and monitor the valve.

The stem is dyed black so it is easy to distinguish from the default one which is white.

These videos show how simple it is to swap it out.

Step 1: Swap out the Rubber Stem and Disk Assembly

Step 2: Installing IVM6000 Monitor on indexing Valve

Demo of IVM6000 in action


IVM6000 being powered up

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Weight 0.5 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 6 in


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