Comparison of the Falling Head Permeameter to the Pask Permeameter

The ETC Simplified Falling Head Permeameter Kit is based on the device and methodology outlined in the Nova Scotia Onsite Technical Guidelines. ETC has prepared a user-friendly kit and guide which can be used in the field, or in the lab.

The ETC Pask Permeameter is constant head well permeameter designed and manufactured by Dynamic Monitors. It can be used to determine the field saturated hydraulic conductivity (Kfs) or the T time or percolation time (perc time) of soil or other porous media.

Table of Comparison

The table below contrasts the ETC Simplified Falling Head Permeameter and the ETC Pask Permeameter on 10 different points of comparison. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions!

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Point of Comparison ETC Simplified Falling Head Permeameter ETC Pask Constant Head Permeameter
Used to determine Permeability (K) of imported sand fill material on disturbed soil samples Field saturated hydraulic conductivity(Kfs) of in situ soil, also prepared fill materials and constructed soil liners.
Applicable permeability range: 9 x 10-6 m/sec to 7 x 10-3 m/sec 4.0 x 10-9 m/sec to 8.0 x 10-4 m/sec
Typical soil types: USDA/CSSC: Clean sand, loamy sand.
USCS: Sand, silty sand (low silt and clay content)
Virtually any soil type –
USDA/CSSC: clay to sand.
USCS: Sand, silty sand, silt and clay
Soils with high silt/clay content? No Yes
Method of testing imported fill
Place moistened sample of sandy fill into permeameter. Auger well hole into raised bed or test pad of imported fill of appropriate density. Refer to CSAB65 standard
Method of testing natural (in situ) soil: Not applicable Auger well hole into soil stratum to be tested
Test soil with abundant gravel,
cobbles or boulders?
No Generally no, possible if gravel
particles are small
Theory and calculations based on: Nova Scotia On-site Technical
Elrick and Reynolds, (1985, 1992), Zang & Parkin (1998)
Kit components Falling head permeameter, plastic test container, (2) discs of nylon screen, thermometer, impact block, user guide, quick reference tables.
(not included: 5 gallon drop bucket, 2 gallon soil mixing bucket)
Pask Permeameter with custom cap and stainless steel clip, Eijkelkamp Riverside auger, wire well prep brush,
user guide, quick reference field calculation tables.
Permeameter dimensions 375 mm x 75 mm O.D. 1250 mm x 90 mm O.D. (upper